Offering individualised nutrition counselling yoga instruction and integrative services. Combining nutrition and yoga.

COVID-19: Some of Bev’s physical classes are now being taught in studio, but online classes are still available. Please visit theServices & Classes pagefor details. Thank you!


Nutrition Counselling

In a food rut? Need some guidance regarding food labels or inspiration for new recipes, healthy snacks or meals to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

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Yoga Instruction

Want to improve your health? Introduce yoga into your life and feel, sleep and look better.One to one and group sessions available.

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Integrative Services

Like to learn more about who you are? Increase your awareness of your body, mind and soul linking both nutrition and yoga.

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“I’ve just spent the weekend at Champneys Henlow with Bev, and want to leave a glowing review for her retreat. Bev’s classes were engaging, creative, challenging and relaxing. She brought everyone together and created a community spirit. She was also very open to anything we asked, and couldn’t have been more accommodating. I also found the experience of booking with Free Spirit Yoga to be excellent, everything was perfectly organised and explained. Thanks to you and Bev, for creating a wonderful experience. I’ll definitely be back for more!”


“Hi Bev. Have been looking through your web sites and thought I’d drop a line to say that millions of people should be checking you out and finding you, the BEST yoga teacher! Thank you Bev, you give so much.”


“I feel my son really benefitted from the one to one sessions and cannot recommend Bev highly enough; she had such a lovely magical way with my son which was a delight to observe.”

One-to-one child yoga client

“Bev led my son through an interactive yoga practice with fun breathing exercises and gentle yoga poses as well as light massage, which he loved.  Bev has a fun, intuitive and open manner which really engaged my son early on. By using counting and breathing techniques as well as allowing him to lead the way, it made him feel like it was his practice and was a fun part of his day.”

One-to-one child yoga client

“My son had several one to one yoga sessions with Bev at our house which he absolutely loved. I only wish we could have had more! We were both delighted with the sessions which were very much student led depending on how my son was feeling that day.”

One-to-one children's yoga client

“Bev’s juices are amazing! Although I tried hard not to like them, because I have a bit of a psychological block when it comes to pureed fruit and veg, I couldn’t help it. The texture was really smooth and they were a good kind of sweet. Basically if you like juices, you’ll love them, if you don’t like/think you won’t like juices, give them a go, because they feel like such a treat to your body and they are so subtle there really isn’t anything to dislike!”